VizDisplay: Enabling Ultra High-Resolution Advanced Visualization Display

Facilitating the collaboration of hardware and software in the truest sense, our Video Wall Controller product, VizDisplay is a truly turnkey solution. From secure military control rooms to university research centers and high-end VR Centres, teams around the world depend on VizExperts technology to support their collaborative visualization needs. No matter your application, our team of experts can deliver a turn-key visualization solution and world-class support optimized for your needs.

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Vizdisplay Video Wall Controller

11 amazing features of VizDisplay Video Wall Display System

The Video Wall Display offer stupendous features. Some of the significant characteristics are listed below.

  • Superior Visual Performance with Higher Resolutions, Superior Brightness, and Power Processing.
  • Easily create eye-catching display walls that run Videos, Images, content and a variety of information, data from external sources.
  • Flexible Interactive Presentations supporting content manipulation features, Dynamic Content Presentation.
  • Superior Versatility and Reliability offer minimal maintenance, flexible shape, size, and resilience.
  • Supports custom presets for specific workflows, sources, and displays
  • Complete wall recording with playback gallery
  • Intelligent security system for authorized login and controlled functioning of the device.
  • Offers custom text display and real-time control over video source opacity
  • Compatibility with third-party controllers
  • Control of video sources over the network
  • Offers simple set-up and easy operation; includes a remote control for quick day-to-day use.

VizExperts is a pioneer in delivering seamless video wall display solutions with narrow bezels and high-resolution pixel per inch density. The integrated working procedure of components such as video wall controller, video wall processor, and software, processes the input and display the content onto the wall as a single unit. An interactive video wall system offers great performance, reliability, flexibility, and scalability meeting your budget.

video wall controller


Video Wall Processor

VizDisplay is a display and processing system, facilitating larger display size and greater pixel resolution. It includes Video Wall Processor that makes a single image appear and move seamlessly across the multiple screens of a video wall. It forms a large, cohesive image, and then send pieces of it to individual screens for display. Although smaller, more simplistic video walls may only require a multi-monitor video card, as video walls continue to grow in size, most are requiring processors. Without a processor, a video wall system would simply be a store of digital screens, each showing something different.

Depending on the number of screen and size of the video wall display, it’s important to find a processor that can handle the current number of screens and beyond. In case, if the project ever expands in size or capabilities, the processor can easily support and handle the additional tasks.


Video wall processors now come in hardware-based and software-based versions. Hardware processors designed on an array of physical video processing chipsets have been in use for years. The newer, software-based video wall processors run on a Windows- or Linux-based PC, using networking equipment to communicate with displays.


Media Server

VizDisplay Media Server enables the projection of high-impact visual content and exceptional performance for even the most demanding applications. It is a device that stores and allow to share information. It is responsible for hardware as well as software aspects of successful storing and retrieval as well as the sharing of media files and data. A media server can be any device having network access and adequate bandwidth for sharing and saving of content.

Video Wall Software

VizDisplay video wall controller software unites content in an intuitive, feature-rich interface, allowing exploration of visual information in real-time. It lets you display content from any source, anywhere on display walls of 100+ screens using just 1 PC/Server. Control the functioning of video wall and interact with it from a desktop or phone, locally or through the cloud. Information to be displayed on the video wall are stored, analyzed, processed by the software. This video wall display software runs on Windows/Linux/iOS platform.

video wall controller software

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VizExperts is an industry leader in providing high-performance, custom-built video wall systems. From secure military control rooms to university research centres, teams around the world depend on VizExperts technology to support their collaborative visualization needs. No matter your application, our team of experts can deliver a turn-key visualization solution and world-class support optimized for your needs.


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