Revamp Your Marketing Strategies With IIoT

“The eyes are the windows to the one’s soul” is an articulation that is utilized to depict the significance of sight and vision in decision-making. Almost our entire comprehension of the world is experienced through our senses. Out of all the senses, our sight contributes the most when it comes to making an impression, comprehending the concept and in the end, make intelligent decision. This very fact makes it imperative for advertisers and marketers to make the whole buying process visually appealing to the buyer. The IIoT and the varied technologies that it incorporates has helped in taking these visually appealing marketing strategies to a whole new level. 

Industry 4.0

Over the last couple of decades, marketing has changed remarkably, advancing from unidirectional communication from organizations to customers, into exchanges amongst organizations and buyers. Today, marketing communication is depicted by multidimensional dialogs with products finding their voices and buyers responding naturally and instinctively to them. Thought concerning how to persuade buyers by appealing to their 5 senses has in this way been growing exponentially in the corporate world.
The shift in consumer preference from static advertising to dynamic promotions has prompted a change in outlook in the conventional method for marketing in every sector. In the current circumstances, technologies like IIoT have propelled this new pattern of dynamic marketing with, 360 degree realistic videos as opposed to 2D static ads. In the coming time, cognitive learning based technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality will replace these standard videos with a more immersive experience.

But what is the advantage of all these technology applications in marketing?

Since marketing strategies plays an essential role in both customer attraction & customer retention, it is necessary that these strategies synchronize with consumer behavior. And hence, with the shift in the consumer preferences over time, the marketing strategies also experienced change. The focus shifted to creating campaigns with the use of these immersive technologies, to keep the customers engaged with the brand. Using these reality technologies, the marketers can provide an immersive experience with the product, which helps the customer to build a connection with the brand. It will assist in creating a good perception which leads to affect the buying decision of the customer. All the above stated advantages explain the importance of technologies like IIoT in creating marketing strategies.

Strategies for marketing campaigns with the AR/VR technologies:

• Story Telling: Storytelling is the most used strategy for promotions & advertisement. Storytelling is the most effective way to establish a connection between the customer and the brand. Including augmented reality in the storytelling will not only give the customers an immersive and real like experience to it but also persuade them to make an impulse purchase. Since the customer has lived that story instead of listening to it or watching it, they would be easy to convince to buy the product.
360-degree Video for Advertisement: 360-degree video is the latest trends in video creation. In recent times, this technology is widely used for video creation for advertisement, event coverage, and showcase the immersive experience to their services.
• Showcase Product: With the help of virtual reality and augmented reality, companies can create an entirely immersive 360 video of their product. It will enable the audience to get a walk-through experience to the product and its features, which will help in giving a clear picture of the product. It will again aid in positioning the brand above par as compared to the other brands.

All these IIoT technologies and their applications in marketing makes it easier for advertisers and marketers to establish a clear and better image of the brand. It helps to target the audience, make them aware and eventually attract them.

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