Virtual Reality For Training



  • Up-skilling students and getting them ready for today’s growing demands of the industry is a big challenge


  • With over 7000 engineering institutions in the country, there is a need for key differentiators in these institutions to attract more industry interaction


  • Very few institutions have the necessary tools to focus on innovation and R&D in the technologies that are relevant to drive research


  • No platform to enable collaborative research for institutions to work on industry problems

Training In Virtual Reality Boosts User Engagement And Learning Retention In A Safe Immersive Environment

Do you face difficulty in taking decisions by analysing large datasets? Do you face problem in viewing complex real-world situations in 2D? Do you have to hold important training drills because of budget measures?

With smart and optimized Virtual Reality solutions, you can overcome these challenges easily. VR simplifies your data and assists you to take meaningful decisions. The combination of VR hardware and software provides the ultimate platform to view and interact with the problem in 3D. It improves the retention rate and allows you to conduct smooth training programme within the allocated budget. 

Immersive Intelligence VR Training Solution

Are you having problem to train your new employees? Are you facing difficulty to design and interact with the machinery components? Are you exceeding your training budget limit?

With the VR enabled training, your problems can be solved. You can design, assemble and interact with the content simultaneously in 3D context. This VR training is very effective in terms of cost cutting and also minimizes the time consumption.   

Digital Transformation Consultation worth

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