Virtual Reality For Design

VR design

3 Challenges Of Design

  • Proprietary 3D CAD Software
  • No focus on human-centric design
  • Physical prototyping for design validation causes huge delays
VR review

5 Challenges Of Review

  • Long decision cycles and iteration
  • Preparing data for review is challenging due to data size
  • Additional tools are required
  • Natural interaction is missing
  • Ergonomics reviews are not done
VR production

4 Challenges of Production

  • No way to compare as-built data with design data
  • Major cost escalations since Design is not fully validated
  • Major delays in production
  • Expensive redesign
VR showcase

3 Challenges Of Showcasing

  • No technology to showcase the design
  • Poor presentability of data
  • Less user involvement before purchase
VR maintenance

3 Challenges Of Maintenance

  • Maintenance Training is standalone and non-interactive
  • Final design data is not used for training
  • Effectiveness of training is poor

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