Seizing the digital convergence and leveraging recent advances in 3D graphics, GIS, high resolution satellite data and simulation, DSM is a revolutionary solution that seeks to take Military Training, Mission Briefing and Operational Planning to the highest possible echelon.

The Digital Sand Model (DSM) from VizExperts is a fully integrated solution that includes hardware, software and user interfaces for mission planning, operational briefing and tactical training. Built on top of GeorbIS, our OGC compliant 3D GIS engine, DSM addresses the army’s need to impart tactical planning skills to troops and develop a better understanding of well-executed plans.


  • •  Security                    
  • •  Accuracy
  • •  Realism
  • •  Intuitive
  • •  Flexibility
  • •  Integrated Solution

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Digital Sand Model

DSM uses the following technologies effectively, giving it a natural edge over other solutions in the market



Gaming Concepts

Interaction Devices

Audio-Visual Integration

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