Application of GIS data in Natural Disaster Preparation

GIS in Natural Disasters

With the use of the available GIS data, officials can take preventive measures as well as deliver speedy relief when faced with Natural Disasters. While Geospatial Technology has been effectively used by the Governments for preparing City Development Plans, the technology is not being utilized to its complete effect. According to Praveen Bhaniramka, founder and CEO of VizExperts the GIS data can be applied to reduce damages caused by natural disasters and can also help in taking precautionary measures.

Using GIS data one can map the terrain according to the requirement, for example when it comes to flooding crucial data like population density, scale of the rain, infrastructure, sanitary and stormwater drains can be gathered successfully with the help of GIS. Our 3D GIS platform, GeorbIS is capable of converting voluminous raw data into informative decision making through various visual computing methods. With this the state officials will not only be able to successfully run simulations on various models to collect data on potential damages, it will also help them plan out their restoration efforts. This will in short help them to prepare for natural disasters.
The state of Karnataka has successfully employed geospatial technology for the preparation of city development plans.
Basically, by employing a platform to coordinate, correlate and utilize all the data collected by the various departments, the state will be able to ensure smart solutions for problems, intelligent decision making while making governing policies and will allow the officials to prepare themselves for any scenario so as to ensure the safety of the citizen and also smoother governance overall.
Check out the original release featured on Times of India here.
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